Original Spirograph by Denys Fisher

Spirograph was invented by Denys Fisher in the early sixties. Spirograph's geometric patterns were beautifully in tune with the swinging sixties. Like the Lava Lamp, the timing of its launch in 1965 was perfect. Spirograph won Toy of the Year and was the top selling toy in America in 1967. It is still available today, as MB Spirograph in the UK and Hasbro Spirograph in the US.

Original Denis Fisher Spirograph set, 1965

Denys Fisher was an engineer who supplied precision components to NATO in the early sixties. His passion though, was a Victorian idea for creating patterns using cogs and wheels. He tried to improve on what the Victorians did using Meccano gears during the Christmas break of 1962. However, his first attempt was unsuccessful. His original idea came  whilst he listening to Beethovens Ninth Symphony. His inspiration was to use a series of perforated cogs and racks, into which a pencil could be inserted. Denys Fisher's original intention was to market Spirograph as draftsman's tool, but he later decided it would sell better as a toy.

Spirograph patterns

Spirograph first went on sale in 1965. Its geometric and swirling patterns chimed perfectly with the Op Art and geometric designs that were popular in the 60s. It also fitted in fantastically with the psychedelic patterns of the later swinging sixties.

Spirograph was featured on the BBC children's programme, Blue Peter, and very soon was selling in large numbers. In the first four years Spirograph took the turnover of Denys Fisher's company from 30,000 to 3 million.

The original Spirograph had a series of large and small cogs, wheels and racks. It was supplied with four coloured pens in black, red, blue and green. You could buy special Spirograph paper for drawing on.

You placed the special paper onto a corrugated cardboard base. Then pinned one of the large wheels or racks to the paper, using drawing pins supplied with the Spirograph. Then one of the smaller geared cogs was lined up against the larger cog or rack and a coloured pen was inserted into one of the smaller cog's holes. You then turned the smaller cog, using the pen, which then drew the Spirograph pattern. A huge variety of different patterns were possible. The instructions gave you some examples, but many more combinations could be produced with experimentation.

Spirograph was a very creative toy. Denys Fisher's creation was loved by adults and children alike. Newspapers and magazines recommended it as an marvellous toy for older children. Spirograph won the Educational Toy of the Year three years running  from 1965 to 1967 and became Toy of the Year in 1967. The original version cost 1 15s 6d [about 23 in today's money] from Hamley's in 1966.

Spirograph paper, 1960s

Spirograph was a top selling toy in Britain and America. It became the number one selling toy in the US for Christmas in 1967, beating another British company, Lesney, whose Matchbox cars, were previously America's top selling toy. (Now I know why Lesney made so many American cars).

Spirograph was so successful that it started to influence the world of fashion. Op Art and geometric prints were already popular, but Spirograph patterns appeared on evening dresses in black and white printed crepe by John Cavanagh in 1966.

Denys Fisher sold his company in 1970. It was eventually bought by Hasbro. Spirograph is now manufactured by MB Games for the UK market and Hasbro for the US market.

Vintage Spirograph

The best place to buy old versions of Spirograph is eBay. There is a lively trade in Spirograph sets from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

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Super Spirograph

I loved spirograph in 1970 I had the standard box the in 1972 the super spirograph they kept me busy for hours.Andy

There was a deluxe version called Super Spirograph available in the 70s. According to the box it 'Does everything Spirograph does - and a whole lot more!'. These are a bit rarer, but you can find

New Spirograph

A new generation can still enjoy Spirograph. The new version has some new gears in different shapes. It is manufactured by MB Creative as MB Spirograph for the UK market.

In the US there are two versions available: Hasbro Deluxe Spirograph and Hasbro Travel Spirograph.

Some reviews on Amazon of the 'Spirograph Classic' modern version of Spirograph suggest it is not as easy to use as the original. However, the MB Spirograph looks a different product. Please let us know if you have used any of these new versions using the comment form below.

Can you buy Spirograph new?

The new version of Spirograph seems to be quite difficult to get these days. There are several alternatives, but the Hypotrochoid Art Set, right, is closest to the original concept.

An alternative is the Spiral Draw book, left. The book contains suggestions for some great Spirograph patterns and ideas. It also comes with a set of drawing wheels.

More on Spirograph

There is a Wikipedia article see - Spirograph on Wikipedia.

There are two Facebook groups about Spirograph, Spirograph and DUDE...I love spirograph.

See also Spirograph on eBay

Your comments on Spirograph

"I am not convinced Denys Fisher was the original inventor of the toy known as Spirograph. His plastic templates were original and he probably did invent the name Spirograph."

Wilfar Mystic Designer, was this the original Spirograph?

"However, in the thirties there was a toy called 'Mystic Designer' which produced virtually the same results. It was made by a company called Wilfar based at that time at Wilfar Buildings, Liverpool 1. The original box it was in had on it a British Provisional Patent Number of 36158."

"Unfortunately no more information has come to hand but I would be interested to hear about any updates." Michael Cox

Mystic Designer, detail

Hi Michael, The Wilfar Mystic Designer certainly looks to do much the same thing as Spirograph, although you do do not need the device with the handle. Retrowow

"Hi I loved spirograph in 1970 I had the standard box the in 1972 the super spirograph they kept me busy for hours. I would like to get hold of then again is it possible to purchase them again. Love it!!! Best Regards Andy." andrew

Hi Andy, You can get new versions of Spirograph. Look for MB Spirograph or Hasbro Deluxe Spirograph. They are different from the original. If you are looking for an original Spirograph, eBay is probably the best bet. Retrowow

"I also had a toy in the 1930s that did the same as the spirograph, but the wheels were tin. My shaky memory says the name was 'hootenanny' sp.? I used colored pencils to great effect. in the 60s we bought a Spirograph for out daughter." harriet roeder

"I loved this as a kid and am trying to get it for my grandson. This is so great for the one who can not draw and it makes you feel like you can draw. thank you so much" gloria

"hello sir, I am fond of spirographic creations. The information provided by you is inspiring but lacking enough pictorial presentation about tools used which are new for me. kindly tell me some thing about metellic spirographs which must be durable more then then the plastic once. thanks." pradeep

Hi Pradeep, Sorry I'm not familiar with the metal spirograph. The original spirograph had plastic cogs. Perhaps you are thinking about a professional drawing tool. Retrowow

"Mr. Retrowow or stephan There was a metal hootenanny or spirograph. I can't remember exactly when I used it - if as a kid or when my kids were young. It was very sturdy, the base was green and you inserted various pencils for all kinds of colored spiral effects. I would buy one now if I could find one. Maybe some of your readers still have one. Thanks for your time. " Frank Glick

" I have one of those called hootenanny. We had great fun in my childhood making all kinds of designs. There is nothing like a grand old metal toy made in the 20's." Carolyn

"I recently bought an old 1980's set in a charity shop for the princely sum of £2.50. It is unopened with the original plastic wrapping still on it, is it worth anything?"

"Hi everyone I am an avid collector of vintage art design devices. First of all before the spirograph was invented other devices which were used to create the same designs were used and came in a variety of titles, first was the 'WONDER-GRAPH' created in 1907,then the 'HOOT-NANNY' in 1929 later known as the Magic-Designer, then the DIZZY-DOODLER in 1949 made in Dallas Texas, Then the Japanese made 'MAGIC PATTERN' in the 1950s, Other devices which were motorized were also created before the Spirograph, such as The Design-o-graph in 1967, and Marx Co. made the Design-o-marx & Design-All which was much like the spirograph, there where also others created such as the Spiral-o-graph made in Germany, The Super-Circle-Designer was created by Lizbeth Whiting in 1967. The scientific name for the patterns these devices create are know as HYPOTROCOID PATTERNS, set can be purchased on Amazon.com" A.Jorden

"Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time." Kris

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